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How to not be a beginner in Software Engineering

Are you among the ones who think to get the best pay in the industry just out of college or university? Id yes then this post is for you. Read till the end.

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So these are the things I applied when I was in university/college and which is one of the main contributing factors of the knowledge I have today.

12 Things to do when in college
  • Make at least 10 projects using databases and transactions.

  • Some basic web pages — why because it is easy to start and get feedback. It's a small close feedback system via which learning is quite efficient.

  • Try to code everyday small fiddling code is even good. Doing Weekend Projects are fun.

  • Surround yourself with people who like to learn code and are enthusiastic about technologies.

  • Learn to solve a bug in your code first and then in open source codes — the best things could be learned this way. Solving a bug in your code is easy — try finding bugs in your friend’s code and give it a simple solution and discuss other possible solutions that you might have come across.

  • Start using VCS, most common and easy from it would be git, using some code repository like GitHub or Bitbucket, that both are one of the easiest to start.

  • Find a local community or if not create one — if you need help you could follow us on LinkedIn or tweet at me I would be happy to help.

  • Try going into some free hackathon in your city or a nearby city.

  • Try reading your friend's code — This way you could find different ways to solve the same problem for which you have a way different code.

  • Try to figure out which domain you want to work, and the best way to figure that out is to try it out, I know there are many glamorous domains but that does not necessarily fit you in the long run. Try exploring the ones you feel you like it.

  • Look for a mentor to look up to — someone just like you but a little ahead in your industry, maybe 2–4 years senior to you or 6–8 years senior to you. Take him/her to a good lunch or coffee, treat them well since they are giving you the best of their knowledge and experience and guidance for free.

  • Seek an internship — don't think about money at this time, if you get it then its good if not then also it's great. Just focus on what technical, non-technical and interpersonal skills you will learn from this new exposure.

Ohh You have been till here. There is 3 more bonus especially for you
  1. Don’t expect that you will be taught in an internship. No one has time to spoon-feed you. People will guide you, but you will need to practice, make mistakes and master the craft by your self.

  2. Start to get practice learning framework and languages from docs and not just videos/tutorials — It is difficult to do but slowly.

  3. Create Some Basic APIS


This is it. If you loved this information or in some way this information has helped you feel free to give a pat on my back by giving some claps, this would encourage me to continue writing these types of blogs. Also feel free to share this with some of your friends, junior or relative who is currently in college/university studying computer science or a related field who could benefit from this information.

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