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  • Shreyan

15 ways to Increase profits by upgrading to good UI UX

Are you struggling to keep your customers engaged? This article is for you!


15 ways you might improve the experience for your users:

  • Try not to create a learning curve for users, keep it as expected. For example for photos people tends to pinch-zoom it, please don't change it.

  • Try exploring new forms that have proved to be a good one. Example cards... From tinder to inshorts ... Many apps have leveraged this form.

  • Try to keep your most valuable page/content maximum 2-3 taps away.

  • 4. Keep user inputs legible: Ex: check the scrolls are proper when the focus is changed. Check that your sticky divs are not taking up half of the space in mobile and another half by on-screen keyboard, etc.

  • Web accessibility: guys guys guys! it's 2019 it should be the first priority, especially for the web.

  • D Dark mode: web or mobile, everyone loves dark mode these days and not just the nerdy ones.

  • Try to resist yourself by putting as few buttons as possible, per screen (for the mob) since having too many of them annoys and confuses users.

  • Don't change the user navigation flow when you have large number of active users suddenly. Some apps are for occasional use, next time when the user comes in, user is lost.

  • Avoid having multiple scrolls in the same direction, until unless you have multiple tables and nested tables maybe.

  • Know your audience. Every design has a purpose and that is to reach the intended audience effectively.

  • Be a Good and Bad User. A designer needs to think like a user. Think from a user's point of view about what you need and where you need it. Secondly think like a bad user who has a very less attention span, how the user will get irritated by bad UX.

  • Users are more likely to notice items near the top of the page, in order of their importance, to prioritize content location according to business while keeping aesthetics.

  • Design for color-blind users: greyscale mode could help.

  • Don't use double-taps on mobile devices. There is a huge difference between desktop and mobile interaction, so keep that in mind.

  • Design, don't Decorate: If it's not usable then it creates a bigger issue than what cosmetics/beauty facilitates the user.


Still here ? here's 2 more as bonus

  • Menu dropdowns are better vertical, not horizontal hover; it is much harder to scroll horizontally, especially in mobile mode.

  • Blue text is understood to be hyperlinked, don't add blue text to non hyperlinked text just to highlight it.

Disclaimer: I am not a strictly UI/UX guy I am a programmer who designs when no one's else is there to do it so bare with me, also these are some of my personal experiences shared above


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