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Asambhav Introduction


Creating Impossible Solutions

We are Asambhav

Asambhav means Impossible

We do the impossible

We make Asambhav, Sambhav

Founder Information
Shreyan Mehta, Ower & Founder, Asambhav


I'm Shreyan mehta

Owner and Founder

key skills

Key Skills

We specialize in,

1. a.i. or artificial intelligence

2. iot or internet of things

3. automation

4. Any binary related stuff

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Project Highlights

Lazy Transfers

convenience is 2020! The world is Going on cloud but there are many resources which still needs to be kept on local. doing that is a pain. transfer data from mobile to storage from any cornor of the home and relax!

Repesentation of Data analysis

twitter steroids

Managing your personal and company twitter account everyday is a hassle. use our twitter extension to put it on steroids and focus on many other things that you need.

Repesentation of Data analysis
Project 2


getting active leads is always a challenge for small to large corps. here's a try to make it less painfull

Repesentation of Data analysis
Project 3

How to not be a beginner in Software Engineering

Repesentation of Data analysis

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