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Lazy Transfers

The world is Going on cloud but there are many resources which still needs to be kept on local.

wifi connected transfers
dont loss data due to laziness

Yes Yes Yes. We all have lossed our important datas and photos of dear ones due to not taking simple backup to hard disk / ssd.
Our solution is not a space technology. Our piece of tech is as simple as it sounds. take our piece of box plug it to your hard disk / ssd , plug it to charger. And boom !! its done. now take a cup of coffee and sit and relax , connect your mobile or any remote device via wifi to our module and using an absolute simple UI web url, upload your media to your disk. Download your favourite photos and media from the disk. Create Folders , manage folders, etc.


This way you never need to go and sit and plug it with a pc and a hard disk and transfer data from and to mobile / remote device. Now no need to do all these things.

Contact us for the pricing.

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